Snack bar

Our Snack Bar is a wildly popular place during the summer! Open from mid-May through mid-September, the Snack Bar offers its own menu of freshly made sandwiches, scrumptious salads, and tasty sweet treats. Beer and wine are available for those of age and frozen and other mixed drinks are available on weekends and for special club events.            

Our Snack Bar opens one hour after the pool and closes a half hour before the pool. Hours may vary to compliment our tennis program's schedule.

Our tennis program often offers tournaments on weekday evenings. When these matches continue late into the night, we offer a "Late Night Tennis Menu" so you are able to order your favorite meal prior to play. When you are finished, the meal will be waiting for you in our Pack House Bar to enjoy with some beverages at the Club, or to bring home and enjoy!


Food Menu

Beer and Wine Menu

Late Night Tennis Menu