Master Plan

    The University Club is growing and expanding, and we are so excited about what we have in store!


    University Club Mission:

    Having strong ties to the University, the NC State University Club provides enriching social experiences, personalized service, and access to athletic and recreational programs while nurturing a culture of friendship and fellowship for our members, their families and guests.

    University Club Vision:

    Building on our rich traditions with the University community, the NC State University Club fosters an active and diverse community of members engaging in recreational and social activities.


    Over the next 10-20 years, we will be working towards the master plan vision for the University Club. This includes our current expansion of our tennis program with brand new tennis facilities as well as our future building addition, brand new aquatics area and golf course remodel.

    The image below of our master plan provides a general overview of the future layout of our property as we work through each phase of the project.

    You can see a more detailed view of the Clubhouse addition plan here as well.

    The first phase of the master plan project is currently in progress and is made up of the elements marked below:

    We will first be adding additional parking in the land in front of the Club to ensure no interruptions to parking availability during the rest of the phase. We will then begin construction on our new tennis facilities in their new location towards the back of the property. Finally, we will be reconfiguring the parking lot down the side of the property to make it more convenient to our new plan for the layout of the Club amenities.

    The remaining elements of the master plan will be phased over the next 10-20 years to allow for continuous improvements and smooth transitions. If you have any questions about our master plan, please feel free to reach out to us at (919) 828-0308 or email us at