Membership at THE UNIVERSITY Club

Interested in joining the University Club? You've come to the right place!

Membership Benefits   

A University Club membership applies to the whole family: you, your partner, any children up to the age of 25, and even grandchildren under the age of 18! As a University Club member, you will have access to all the golf, tennis, swimming, and dining you desire- not to mention, our fun and unique member events! 



Membership Costs

Although entering through different membership categories, all of our memberships incur the same dues and fees in exchange for unlimited access to all of our golf, tennis, swimming and dining facilities, as well as our various monthly member events! 

Monthly Commitment: $240
This amount includes...
     Monthly Dues: $145
     Construction Fee: $50
      (this fee is applied to make regular updates and improvements to our current facilities)
     Capital Fee: $45
      (this fee is applied to pay for our most recent renovations and prepare for our exciting upcoming projects)

Quarterly Food and Beverage Minimum: $90/quarter
This does not include alcohol, gratuity and tax. If you do not spend $90 by the end of your assigned quarter you will be billed the difference. Minimums do not carry over quarter to quarter.


* If you live outside a 50-mile radius of the Club, you may be eligible for the Out of Area membership rate. This reduces the monthly commitment to $90 and eliminates the food minimum. Please talk to the Membership Coordinator to learn more about this option.