How to Apply

We are so glad that you are interested in joining the University Club!

For membership consideration, all applicants should provide the following:

       1) Completed Application

      2) Payment of Initiation Fee  (cash, check, bank draft, credit card) 

      3) Automatic Monthly Payment Form  with Preferred Credit Card or Bank Account (if desired) 

      4) Fitness Facility Form (if you wish to join for an additional $90/year) 

      5) Any of the following applicable requirements for your category of membership: 
         (to determine your category, please see our membership options here)

If applying under the Faculty & Staff or Alumni membership category, please provide proof of your status with the University through an identification card, payroll sheet (Faculty/Staff), photograph of diploma (Alumni), or copy of a transcript (Alumni).  

If applying under the Friends of the University or Friends of the University Club membership category, which requires approval from the Board of Directors, you will need to supplement your application with a letter to the Board explaining any and all connections to the University and/or the University Club. Documentation should be produced when applicable. Friends of the University Club applicants should also arrange for letters of recommendation from current members to be sent on their behalf.

Once all necessary paperwork is received: Faculty & Staff and Alumni applications, will be processed, and their membership will begin while Friends of the University and Friends of the University Club applications will be held on a wait list (if present) before being sent to the Board of Directors for approval. We will keep you up-to-date on the status of your application in this case.

Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Kelsey by email at, fill out our information request form or call our offices at 919-828-0308 with any questions about this process. We would be happy to walk you through it and get your membership started!