The NC State University Club facility was dedicated in 1961 and serves NC State supporters including faculty, staff and alumni.  The facility was built on land leased for 99 years from the State of North Carolina. Funding was made possible by a gift from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Inc. The facility and recreational venues are situated on approximately 45 acres of land in Wake County. By the mid-1990's, the Club's membership was changed from only faculty and staff to also allow NC State alumni to join and the name was subsequently changed from the NC State Faculty Club to the current NC State University Club. Membership eligibility now includes NC State alumni, as well as Friends of the University and Friends of the University Club. You can learn more about these categories here.

The University Club is proud to be celebrating its 57th year of operation and is well-positioned to continue serving its members for many years to come. The Club is a unique, family-oriented facility controlled and governed as a private club by the membership. 

A tour of the Club can be arranged at your convenience by calling 919-828-0308 or emailing membership@ncsuclub.org